i was about to type out some long ass thing like about how evil cops are but like it doesn’t even fucking matter the police in america is a terrorist organization. there is no point in trying to reason with a terrorist organization built on white supremacy and black genocide. i need to move on to something less exhausting.

im just thinking about darrien hunt (the black guy who had a fake sword and got shot a bunch of times) like witnesses say he was walking around the strip mall area doing spins and listening to music through headphones like such a harmless youth-spirited person. and his friends that were on the news were kids he met in boy scouts…  i cant get over this. like i remember joking with my cousins about like “dont shoot someone with a watergun if ur black the cops wil kill u” but its not even a fucking joke 


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Brandon Francis Wilson

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couple looks 

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mom be like: why do u want to go to all women’s colleges? dont u want to meet boys?



Work in progress - Bath Scum

Mara Passio

Part of the Femme Fae series.

Featuring Kristina.

More shots.


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i found a skewl thats all women and they have a bunch of classes on black feminism and african diaspora and they have a studio art major. and its close to my frnds dean and syd and where my friend kyra wants to go its so good…im so happy about this..plz accept me into ur place of learning

i love how white people are like “O M G its SOOO unfair black people get scholarships just for being black -_-” like please direct me to those i would really appreciate it. thanks.

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